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Spolia collaborated with Eduardo Cerruti and Stephanie Draime (Cerruti Draime) for the second season to photograph the collection “Edition II.”

The thought process behind the shoot was to capture the coats in a context where they could be seen and their tactility appreciated. We wanted a setting that is refined, elevated yet very much pedestrian. Our conversation led us to New York’s Upper East Side, where Viennese influences are found on many facades, along with Art Deco detailing and traces of the Roaring Twenties.

The normality of hand-molded surfaces, building materials, and generous use of marble served as an ideal backdrop for the shoot. The interplay of patinas created by nature, then refined by hand, provokes a feeling of longevity and will almost certainly stand the test of time.
In so few words, our goal with this collection was to recreate that same feeling.

Photography and Styling: Cerruti Draime
Creative Direction: Valerie Name Bolano