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A chance to rethink

Having spent several years immersed in the high-end interior design industry, founder Valerie Namé Bolaño is in constant pursuit of beautiful materials, and and the transmission of exceptional savoir-faire – which enables the creation of functional, and elegant objects that stand the test of time; forging the uniqueness of Spoliā.

These exquisite fabrics are made using noble materials such as pure silk, cashmere, and wool - in all manner of sublime weaves and prints, woven with time-honored methods.

A craft, a story

We honor the community of craftspeople involved in the lifespan of these pieces: from weaver to wearer; instilling a sense of protection from worldly elements.

Our pieces are carefully made in New York City and Tbilisi, Georgia, pairing skilled fabric technicians with the needs of each piece. Our trims and buttons are custom handmade in France by a world-renowned art ceramiste constantly experimenting with new techniques and sculptural forms.

Adaptive to all scenarios

The coats come in six styles, each piece springs from a fascination for material narratives, gestures and traditions; unified in valuing history and architecture.

All pieces are designed to feel elemental in material, construction, and shape. 

Fine gestures

We celebrate history, process, and beauty. There is intention and ample consideration behind every gesture, no matter how inconsequential.